G.W.G. Bowen Homestead Association
Eddyville, New York

A Message from the President

The G.W.G. Bowen Homestead Association was formed to provide a home for the heirs and descendants of G.W.G. Bowen and others who were charter members of the association. Today the Home is used as a meeting place for the Annual Reunion. It is a non-profit educational and historical organization registered in the State of NY and incorporated in 1912.

Annual business meetings have been held each year since, except for several years during World War II. By-laws were drawn up and accepted in 1951 to conform to the laws of the State of NY for corporations. The annual meeting is held the second Sunday in August. The weeks before and after are considered to be Open House.

Preservation of historical landmarks is a never-ending battle. Due to limited repair and maintenance the Bowen Homestead was deteriorating. We have recently made great strides in upkeep with our Five Phase Renovation Project. The Bowen Homestead Association was founded for our mutual benefit and enjoyment. It is a living memorial to GWG and his descendents, but it also provides a uniquely beautiful educational meeting place in western NY for family and friends alike. Help us safeguard our history and keep it alive for future generations as we step into the 21st Century.

Amy Knodt,
President GWGBHA


G.W.G. Bowen Homestead Association
Eddyville, New York.